Brownie, so thus is how a year feels away from my Best Friend in the whole world. The day u left me was the worst day of my life, they still lingers to this very day! I long too see you, i long too hold you just one more time. As i sit and think of our most cherished moments, you laying by my legs and holding me close with your paws, i still see that moment and i never want to let it go. I remembered when i would sing too you and how it would soothe your soul, i saw it in your eyes. Your eyes that never lied. About how you felt. I miss you so so much, and i will always have you in my heart. I sent a chinese lantern up and made a wish, a wish to see you again and to always feel your love inside my heart Brownie.
Know that you are never far from my mind, and always in my heart never to be forgotten my Boy. May you hear my cries and come too see me, to let me know you are still near me! Mama loves you honey, forever and always
Kiss kiss
My boy, Brownie
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To my dear friend Jessica,

Thinking of you and your handsome Brownie on this day, one year since your precious boy had to leave. I honestly can't believe it has been a year already for you, where in the world does the time go.
Jessica, the letter you wrote to your Brownie for his one year Angelversary is absolutely so beautiful. You touched on so many levels of how our hearts miss our sweet loved ones, the longing to hold our babies one more time really resonated with my own heart.
I love that you sent your sweet Brownie a Chinese lantern in honor of his one year, I sincerely and truly hope watching that lantern float upwards brought a much needed peace to your heart and a beautiful connection to your precious boy.

I post this candle (a pineapple one of course) in honor of your Brownie and his one year. May your wonderful heart always know and feel the warmth of your sweet Brownie's loving spirit.
Sending peace, healing, strength and gentle hugs on this most difficult day.

Your friend always, Don

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Hi Jessica
A year has passed and I know it feels surreal to realize that. Time is such a master of disguise.
I love your sweet letter to Brownie and I know he hears every word spoken from your heart and knows how much you love him and miss his warm cuddles.
Your wish will come true Jess-you will see him again and you’ll never be separated. There are many more kisses and snuggles to be shared.
I have a feeling my big girl along with your lil dude have become buds and were watching out for their Mom’s recently❣️
Big hugs sweetie,,,,,
Lynn, Tankie’s mom, forever
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