I lost my precious Grr a year ago today. Yesterday would have been his 10th birthday. I still miss him terribly. I guess what makes it so much worse is that yesterday I attended the funeral of our beloved Aunt Dot Dot. What is it about death? It always seems to come in April! I hate this month.
Hello, everyone. My name is Amanda, and I lost my beloved dog, Grr, a year ago in April. It was the day after his 9th birthday. I still miss him terribly. Grr was my dog. He loved my husband and kids, too, but he was MY dog. He chose me as his beloved, and I miss him so much! I always wonder if I could have prevented his death.
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I am so sorry for your loss. It is definitely a hard thing even a year later as I lost my dog a couple of years ago also. I rescued Marley, my golden retriever, about 6 months later because I missed my husky so much. We had Marley a couple of years and had to have her put down on Monday. I think we will take a break now for a while. No matter how long it us it stills breaks your heart but know that your baby knew you loved him very much. Hang in there, hugs to you.
Lynn B
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Hi Haillesmom and lynntree,

So sorry for both your losses! I lost my little dog in November and I know that he will always be in my heart - we did so much together for so many years and I was so privileged to have him.

Haillesmom, It must be so difficult to lose your aunt this year in April - esp knowing your Grr would have been 10 years old - a milestone. It sounds like you were very close to your aunt. For me it seems to be November. I lost my father-in- law in November (We are a close family as well) - and now Bailey.

I agree with lynntree that our pets knew how loved they were and that is something to take comfort from in time. Lynntree, I think it is wonderful that you rescued Marley and gave her some happy years that she likely never knew she could have but it is understandable that you need a break from the terrible heartache we endure when we have to say good bye.

Hugs to both of you!

MJ :)
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I just want to add my condolences to the rest! So very sorry about your aunt and your beloved Grr!
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