It's one week today my boy left this earth i don't know what's wrong with me because ive not cried in two days .
I feel like my boys been gone longer then one week
I know he's gone but feel strange ehen i say that .
I'm feeling guilty that im feeling like this and I'm unsure whats wrong with me .
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I'm sorry for your loss, Mackysmum. It can take a long time to really absorb that our beloved pets are gone.

There is no right or wrong way to grieve. How you walk your journey is whatever works for you. And that can be different every day. 

Some people cry rivers. Some don't.

How you feel is how you feel. Even if you don't feel much at all for awhile. You're okay right where you are.

I hope that writing here helps and I wish you the best. 
-Missing Marissa deeply
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Thank you for reading my post
I feel very guilty cause I'm feeling better this afternoon.
I guess it's part of the rollercoaster
I do miss him and loved him dearly i did everything for him.
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