Well here it is, I managed to survive a whole week without you my Bear even though it seems like forever. There wasnt a day where I didn't think of you...oh how I miss you sooo much! I hope you are enjoying whats over the rainbow bridge. I had an okay day with nothing but you on my mind of course :) i smile and think of all the good times we had from the day I got you til last Saturday....13 long years and what a great 13 years it was...i wish i could go back into to start all over again and then you would never leave me...if only...I look at the videos of us in the snow looking all healthy and happy. Man oh man do I wish you were room is cold and you were always laying with me to keep me warm ,now i rely on blankets lol but its okay. Anyways I am off to bed now...ill dream of you again. I miss and love you so much Bear :) we'll meet again. I promise. Goodnight my baby
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Your Bear is just beautiful. The photo in your profile is precious. What a happy face! I'm so very sorry for your loss. We tend to start marking time by anniversaries; one week, one month, first birthday or other holiday at the Bridge, etc. I wish I could go back, start all over and fix everything with my Murphy, too. It's so unfair that our time with them is so short. No matter how many years, it's never enough. Murphy was 9-1/2 and went to the Rainbow Bridge June 18. It still seems like yesterday, and impossible to grasp that I'll never see or touch him again.

I'm sure Murph was waiting to greet Bear at the Rainbow Bridge and they're already good friends. 

Murphy's Mom (Kathryn)
"Sometimes there is a dog who is so special, he is able to wrap himself so completely around your heart it is impossible to tell where you begin and he ends."  For My Beloved Murphy, 08/31/2004 - 06/18/2014
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Tomorrow at 1:05pm will be one week without my Fonzie Bear. I am dreading that minute; I know I will fall down. All I can do minute by minute is just function for my kids and husband. It's so hard.
I had him just 8 years...I feel so robbed. He was my little man, my buddy, my shadow. Even in a house full of love and cuddles, none are the same as his curls against my neck, his head pressed against my leg.
One week and it feels like forever. One week and it feels like he was just with me. How can it seem so long and so soon?
I will love and miss you forever, My Fonzie Bear...
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