Hey buddy.....mommy misses you so much!

We are a an hour shy of saying good-bye exactly one week ago today. My heart still aches for you and the tears continue to fall.

Today was the first day I was forced to be around a group of people and go back to singing. It was so hard...because all they wanted to do was talk about you and their own pets. Some even made jokes about the way you died. It was cruel. I hate being around people who don't understand how much I loved much we loved each other.

I just can't find it in my heart to sing. Maybe one day....but not now. My heart is still broken and I'm trying to learn to live without you being physically here.

I miss you so much! I never dreamed not having you here would hurt so deeply. I know you are are whole....and you are happy. That brings me some comfort. I can't wait to see you again buddy! If I can swing it....I'll bring you a hamburger and fries! :o)

I miss you. I love you forever!

My Chipper
My Chipper
My Chipper and Me!

Chipper's Mom

Momma's Chipper Boy (9/19/95 - 1/30/11) My heart, my love, my buddy! I miss you and love you so, so much! I can't wait to see you at the bridge! Love, Mommy

Lady "Ladybugs" (8/2/03 - 6/5/17) My sweet girl. Thanks for the walks, playtime, sock collection, boo boo kisses and love you gave all of us. We will miss you dearly! Until we meet again...we love you!
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Hi Chipperboy. I know what you mean, I'm a pianist, and it was a long while before i could play the piano again. there is still too much grief in you to sing. Did you ever sing to Chipper?
I sang you are my sunshine to her almost everyday, so on her passing day, I knew it was bringing her comfort.
It hasn't been very long for you, it's going to take some time. and yes!! people can be very cruel. but it's mostly people who have never experienced the deep love of an animal. they have no clue about the extent of the relationship. We do here though, so we are always here for you.
Maybe Maddie and Chipper are playing at the bridge together. but they are free from pain.
I still have alot of Maddie's things around, she was my family, and I don't want to wipe out evidence of her.
Have you done anything for her as a remembrance. I found the candleight ceremony here really haelpful, and did it a few times. In the beginning, I put up flowers by a big picture of Maddie to honor her. would doing anything help you?
Know that my prayers are with you. Judy
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