it has been a week since i lost my companion  haley... she was a mutt i found on the side of the road..and my best friend for 15 years.. although i knew it was coming   i thought somehow even with a failing heart i would have more time with  her.  i am struggling with 2 things... 1. her last days,she was lethargic and would not eat  but the doctor kept telling me to give her the script and it would make her sick,,, i was trying to save her...2.i am a christian and am worried i may not see her again as there seems to be no answer too that.. i continue to pray and work through my loss   . reading other posts has helped much   thanx   sully

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sully. I will get back to you as I have to work now, but I am soo sorry. I not how deep the loss is. There is a book written by a christian called....Cold noses at the pearly might help you. He uses scripture to show, that our beloved babies...will be there..prayers for you. Judy

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I am so sorry for your loss.  I know how lost you feel and how bad it hurts losing a beloved furbaby.  I'm just two weeks (almost) ahead of you from losing my cat Tootie.  I know how hard it is to cope when you are grieving from losing your companion for so long.

I didn't think too much on whether animals go to Heaven or whether they have souls.  I am a firm believer in that now.  The day after my beloved girl passed away, I heard her sweet meow.  So did my husband and my daughter's cat.  We all heard it simultaneously.  It was the most beautiful sign of hope we could have asked for.  I know my Tootie's spirit came to comfort me as I was greiving so terribly.  I do believe that animals have souls and that they go to Heaven.  I don't know if you have checked out other places on this website.  But there are some beautiful Bible scriptures confirming that our Lord thought animals were as important to him as we are.  It might help you to check it out.

You are certainly in the right place by being here.  It has helped me more than I could have ever dreamed it would.  There are some wonderful, caring and sweet people here that understand the pain we are going through from losing our beloved furbabies.  You couldn't ask for a better bunch of people to comfort you.  My heart goes out to you in your time of grief.

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