I miss my Stoney so so much, it's been a hard long week. I awoke this morning and broke down because my Stone wasn't at my bedside with his nose in my hand, smiling at me ready to get his day started. It's too quiet in my house without you here, no running or paw slides on my floor. Blankets and pillow are still in the living room by the fire place, I smell them and think of you everyday. You helped me through so much in my life the past 10yrs, and we miss you Stoney. Love you my silly pup
Nicolas Walker
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There are blankets I haven't washed since my boy passed in February and never will. They are folded and his fur is still in them. I totally understand waking up in the morning and breaking down, I feel like this is my every morning. Caring thoughts are with you. ❤
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